The Police have arrested a team of 5 hackers who are admin of this Website!.
Comment by Admin, 14 February, 2018

The Police have arrested a team of 5 hackers, belonging to a certain hacker group, who were trying to create a Website To Download Copyright content, in an attempt to intercept bank account numbers belonging to people from foreign countries. According to the Police Force Chief who was in charge of the operation, several people in France, Russia and Spain have become victims of the aforementioned fraud, as they entered their bank account details to the spurious site. What is more, the hackers had accomplices in these two countries, who withdrew the money that adds up to several hundreds of thousands Euros.

Our forensic team discovered a Website which name's, It sounds like we can do download a bad system file on the site. We must take it as we find it, as that is the best evidence available at this time.
If you are a user of this Website anf a victim of this attack, please contact the police force !

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